About Ashby Jones & Associates llc

Championing Your Family’s Future

Ashby Jones and Associates, LLC began in October 2023 when Ashby Lawton Jones, a seasoned family law attorney with over 26 years of experience, decided to establish her practice. Our Lexington office, while centrally located, is just the beginning. Our reach extends throughout South Carolina, offering both in-person and virtual consultations to ensure accessibility for all.

Our Heritage and Comfort

The walls of our office, housed in a historic 1931 Lexington building, resonate with a legacy of legal excellence. We’ve transformed this space into a sanctuary where clients can find solace and support during challenging times.

Our Team: Your Advocates

Our strength lies in our team’s diversity and experience. Ashby Jones, joined by attorneys Nicholas J. Sharpe and Jane Waters, leads a group of dedicated professionals including Brett Lockwood, Whitney Montgomery, and Charlotte Lewis. Our team’s commitment transcends legal advice – we are your partners in navigating the complexities of family law.

Emblem of Hope and New Beginnings

Our firm’s identity is symbolized by the red cardinal, representing hope, faith, and new beginnings. This emblem reflects our commitment to guiding you towards a brighter future amidst legal challenges.

What Distinguishes Us

At Ashby Jones and Associates, LLC, we see beyond the case file. Each client is unique, with a story that deserves to be heard and understood. Our approach is personal, empathetic, and tailored to your individual needs.

Our Services

With a comprehensive range of family law services, we are equipped to handle the intricacies of your situation. Our skilled attorneys work closely with you to develop strategies that protect your interests and aim for the best possible outcomes.

Your Next Step

Facing a family law matter can be daunting, but you’re not alone. Reach out to Ashby Jones and Associates, LLC, to schedule a consultation. Together, we will navigate the complexities of family law and safeguard your family’s future.